The International Ship Suppliers & Services Association (ISSA) is a global organisation that serves as a representative body for about 2,000 ship suppliers worldwide.

10.09.2023, 17:19 Uhr

Jim Costalos

Jim Costalos: What I want to achieve for the International Ship Suppliers & Services Association (ISSA) as President

In this blog entry, Mr. Jim Costalos, Candidate for President at next month's ISSA Presidency Election, discusses what he wants to achieve for ISSA.

The 2023 annual Conference and Gala Dinner of the International Shipsuppliers & Services Association (ISSA) is scheduled to take place in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, from the 24th to the 25th of October, 2023. The next event will also include the election process for the new President of ISSA. In the present blog post, Mr. Jim Costalos, a candidate contending for the position of President in the next ISSA Presidency Election, articulates his aspirations and objectives for the ISSA organisation.

Dear Ocean Members – Ladies and Gentlemen.

It is indeed a pleasure and honour to be given the opportunity by OCEAN to talk to you about my future plans should I be fortunate enough to be elected as the next President of ISSA.

As we all know ISSA was in deep trouble back in 2014 and heading for disaster. Foresight and effort from loyal ISSA executives from 2015 to date saved ISSA, and has brought it back on the right path for success. Our current President  Saeed Al Malik has guided ISSA to a very solid position and I am keen to take the association to the next stage.

There are two experienced and capable candidates vying for the Presidency this year. This can only be a win-win for our Association. I also acknowledge and understand the time and effort required to fulfil the duties of ISSA president.

I am keen to keep the momentum going, and to ensure the Executive Board remains in touch with the membership. All our actions need to be geared towards improving the situation of our membership as well as the industry in general. In other words, I will work for the benefit of our members first and foremost.

If elected, I plan to sit down with Ocean and discuss exactly what Ocean needs from ISSA, and together we can plan a positive way forward. As a European living and working in Asia/Oceania, I am in the best position to understand the requirements and concerns of all of our members.

I will ensure ISSA has an open-door policy to all its members.

My aims:

  • Enhance ISSA’s relationship with Honorary Members and open dialogue with the major procurement companies. Together we can create a stronger International Ship Supply industry
  • Explore the digital world
  • Enhance ISSA relationships with the International Maritime Organisation, The World Customs Organisation as well as BIMCO and the other ship owner and ship manager organisations
  • Work to bring in younger people onto the ISSA Board
  • Continue with our new initiative  “MEET THE CUSTOMER” event for future ISSA conventions
  • Seek to increase ISSA membership and help new National Associations to be formed and involve as many members as possible to participate in ISSA
  • Seek to increase the number of Women Assembly and Executive Board members (When I was General Manager of Nautilus, three of my eight branch managers were women)
  • Maintain ISSA’s healthy financial status
  • Return the ISSA convention to ‘must attend status’

With my 48 years in ship supply, originally from a small family business, (which includes six years on the ISSA Executive, 43 years on the ASSA Board, 6 years ASSA Vice Chair, and 14 years as ASSA Chairman), I can empathise with the grass root ship supplier, understanding their concerns and challenges.

I seek your support to enable ISSA to continue its current momentum.

See you in Dubai

Best Regards

Jim Costalos