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A commentary from the Chair of OCEAN WG Customs
In the debate on the right customs guidance for EU ship suppliers, the Chairman of the OCEAN Working Group Customs & Taxation weighs in to ask a fundamental question: When have ship supplies left the EU?

08.12.2021 | W. Sump
The German Shipsuppliers Association reflects on the new German political leadership
 What will the new German government mean for the martitime sector in Germany and the EU? The German Shipsuppliers Association reflects.

W. Sump continues leadership, joint by ANPAN's C.Zavoianni

01.10.2021 | Dirk Cupido
 Vice Chairman of OCEAN and Board member responsible for VAT, Mr. D. Cupido, shares his insights into the importance of VAT for ship supply

09.09.2021 | KBBS Chairman Jan Vets
KBBS present itself
KBBS Chairman Jan Vets explains in this insightful piece how the Royal Belgian Shipsuppliers Association is supporting the maritime industry in Belgium.

Essential for successful maritime trade
Because of Turkey being in such an important region, there has been a need of an association for the ship suppliers all around Turkey to gather under one roof. This is how TURSSA – TURKISH SHIP SUPPLIERS ASSOCIATION was born. Turssa Chairman of the Board of Directors George Saris explains

15.03.2021 | Carl Forsman, Chairman of the Board, Swedish Association of Ship Suppliers
OCEAN blog by C. Forsman, Chair of the Swedish OCEAN member Sveriges Skeppshandlaref÷rbund (SSHF)
One year ago, the world realized that COVID-19 was going to have a massive impact, even though very few foresaw the scale of devastation and pain it would bring. In addition to the obvious catastrophe of lives lost and the hard blows it dealt to the global economy, the virus also changed the way we think about our future.

21.02.2021 | D. Cupido
OCEAN turns 45 in 2021
 D. Cupido, OCEAN Vice-Chair reflects on 45 years of European integration and harmonization work in European ship supply.

Presentation of the French Ship Supply Association

Madame Michèle GUILBERT - DANNEELS, French Member of the OCEAN Working Group on Customs & Taxation and Customs Manager of SAS GHESQUIERS JPG in Calais explains how the French Ship Suppliers Association SNAN has progressed in 2016, why French ship supply matters and how it is treated in French legislation.