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Dirk Cupido
OCEAN - Chairman

Brussels with host key decision-makers in European ship supply
 The next set of OCEAN meetings have been announced

The ISSA President reflects....
 The new President of ISSA reflects of the importance of close collaboration between OCEAN and ISSA.

06.06.2018 | APFN
All you need to know about APFN
The Portuguese Ship Suppliers’ Association was registered as “Associação Portuguesa de Fornecedores de Navios” on 18th July 2003, succeeding the former ship suppliers’ association that has been inactive for a long time. Here is a presentation of the proud organisation.

20.05.2018 | Dansk Skibsleverandør Forening
All you need to know about the Dansk Skibsleverandør Forening
”Men having been going to sea in ships for centuries; other men having been supplying those ships for just as long”

26.03.2018 | A.Alexandrov
The Bulgarian Ship Supplier Association will welcome OCEAN members in Bulgaria in April
For the first time the Bulgarian Ship Suppliers Association will have the honour to welcome the annual OCEAN Board meeting and OCEAN Customs and Taxations Working Group meetings. The event will be held in Sofia, the capital of Bulgaria, on 26th and 27th April during the period of the first Bulgarian EU Presidency. The Chairman proudly presents BSSA and reflects on the role of ship supply for his country.

The Bulgarian Presidency of the Council of the European Union began in January 2018, a decade after the accession of the country to the EU, and will be running for 6 months until June 2018. The presidency is under Bulgaria’s national motto - “United We Stand”, which reflects the core values of cooperation of the European Union. The honour of the EU presidency also brought the great responsibility to highlight important issues for the Union. Bulgaria is focusing on several priorities - The Future of Europe and young people, Western Balkans, Security and stability, and The Digital economy. These issues resonate within the context of the maritime industry and the development of strong European ship supply sector.

Ship supplies visit Sofia during the EU Presidency of Bulgaria
OCEAN Board and OCEAN Working Group for Customs & Taxation to visit Bulgaia during EU Presidency on 26 & 27 April 2018

31.01.2018 | Keijo Hiltunen
Sveriges Skeppshandlareförbund says Hej
The proud Sveriges Skeppshandlareförbund, represented by its Chairman Keijo Hiltunen presents itself and highlights the importance of ship supplying for Northern Europe!

05.01.2018 | Jean-Luc Meriaux
What's in store
Mr. Meriaux, the Secretary General of OCEAN's Brussels Office looks into the future and discusses what is on the horizon for OCEAN in 2018.

25.12.2017 | Dirk Cupido
Re-elected OCEAN Chair Cupido reflects on a turbulent 2017!
The European ship supply industry has seen some turbulent times, as political and economic changes and election results have had and continue to have an impact on our business. Nevertheless, make no mistake about it: European ship suppliers remain a reliable, strong and stable partner to all vessels, their captains, ship owners and ship managers calling European Ports!

Can the new MLC insurance requirement help European ship suppliers handing a helping hand?
 As the ISSA Secretary Spencer Eade writes, OCEAN’s support of the EU measures to improve working conditions of seafarers on board of EU-flagged vessels is another tangible measure in how the global ship supply community has supported the Maritime Labour Convention (MLC) provisions on crew abandonment that came into force earlier this year. ISSA & OCEAN stand shoulder to shoulder with seafarers in the EU and globally against crew abandonment.