Welcome to the new era in European ship supply!

It is a distinct privilege to welcome you to the new webpage of OCEAN.

Here you will find all the relevant information about our organization, our industry, and the European policy environment in which our industry operates. I am especially proud of the regular News Articles written by our membership, covering a wide range of interesting topics. They keep you informed about our vibrant industry, what we do and who we are. What's even better, as our webpage is mobile enabled, you can read about OCEAN anywhere, anytime.

On 14 June 2016 we celebrated our 40th anniversiary in Brussels.  It was 1976 that we came together to raise awareness of our industry and particularities.  It was a special event, which we will remember for a long time to come. I welcome you to join us on our journey!

Happy Surfing and Happy Birthday OCEAN!

Dirk Cupido
OCEAN - Chairman

The Greek Association re-joins the EU ship supplier family
European ship suppliers welcome the Hellenic Ship Suppliers & Exporters Association back into OCEAN during 40th anniversary celebrations in Brussels

OCEAN welcomes the publication of the UCC guidance on ship supply
When European ship suppliers woke up on 1 May 2016, their professional world had changed. The Union Customs Code (UCC), a significant step towards the modernization of EU customs, serves as the new framework regulation on the rules and procedures for customs throughout the EU. Its substantive provisions entered into force on 1 May 2016. With it, did also new guidance for the ship supply industry.

Congratulations from ISSA President Mr Abdul Hameed Hajah
ISSA's President Mr Abdul Hameed Hajah, representing the International Shipsuppliers & Services Association and nearly 2,000 ship suppliers throughout the world congratulates OCEAN on the organization's 40th birthday.

The impact of customs legislation in the European ship supply sector
The impact of customs legislation in the European ship supply sector
Today, OCEAN publishes its first ever study on the impact of customs legislation in the European ship supply sector for download by any interested party. The aim of this study is to improve the understanding of the key characteristics of ship supply.

European Ship suppliers Organization
The Chairman of OCEAN, Dirk J. Cupido, looks back at 40 years of OCEAN, the European Ship suppliers Organization and concludes that OCEAN's work is more relevant than ever before.

In 1976, what was then called the European Economic Community consisted of 9 member states, 8 of which were maritime nations, having seaports of various degrees of importance. The ships calling these ports were supplied with food and non-food consumables of all kind by a vast variety of small and medium sized businesses. These businesses were organized in national associations, all having the objective to preserve and maintain the interests of “the industry” vis-à-vis the national authorities. This was mainly about customs rules and regulations (and later the same for veterinary affairs) applicable on the vast variety of goods supplied. At the same time, of course, these associations had a social function.